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Newbie Setup Instructions (Renamed)

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #238 by NiallDarwin
Newbie Setup Instructions (Renamed) was created by NiallDarwin
I got an Arduino Due and CanDue v2.2 from EVTV. I'm using a 64 bit Win7 laptop.

I can get the Arduino IDE to see the Arduino and upload basic programs to it.
I can get the GVRETupdate.bat to work
I can't get the ESP32RET updater to work on either usb port. The bat file tries the correct COM port but fails with:

"A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet

I can't get Savvy CAN to see my device. I'm guessing this is because without the ESP32RET stuff uploaded it won't be communicating.

As I said in the title, I'm a newbie to this so I have some basic questions:
1/ Should I use the updater to perform this initial install or should I use the master files?
2/ Am I right in thinking that I need the ESP32 files before Savvy CAN has a chance of working?

I'd love a bit of guidance to help me through what I may have missed.

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4 years 10 months ago #239 by NiallDarwin
Replied by NiallDarwin on topic Newbie Setup Issues
OK, so it seems like I'm going about things backwards. A couple of pointers from friends who are better with Arduino has set me right and I'm up and running :)

Here's my walk-through to get GVRET onto an EVTV CanDue and Arduino Due. Hopefully it will be useful to any newbies like me:

1/ You don't need an updater until you've installed something to update!

2/ Download the GVRET.zip ( EVTV ArduinoDueCANHere is a good place for the link). Read the Readme.md file that's in the GVRET zip package. It tells you exactly which libraries you need and where to get them. Contrary to the advice you can:
a/install the libraries directly from the Arduino IDE by going to Sketch Menu->Include Library->Add .zip library then navigating to the zip file you want.
b/not bother to concern yourself with the folder names.

3/ The SdFat library is a curveball and doesn't play nice. If you try to add it using the advice above it will fail. If you go into the zip file, navigate to the html folder and open index.html you will see installation instructions. As per them you only need the SdFat folder. Copy that into your Arduino libraries file (on a Windows machine likely C:\Documents\Arduino\libraries - you should see folders for all the other libraries you installed there)

4/ Connect your ArduinoDue to your computer via the programming USB connector.

5/ Note which COM port its showing in device manager

6/ In Arduino IDE, 'Tools' menu setup:
a/ Board, Choose ArduinoDue(Programming Port). If its not there select boards manager, search for 'due', install it and then choose it.
b/ Port. Use the COM port found in step 5
c/ Programmer. AVRISP mkII No idea of the differences but this worked for me

7/ Upload the sketch. The easiest way is ctrl+u

8/ If you are successful it will say 'upload successful' (or similar) subtly in the turquoise bar near the bottom of the screen. Congratulations! If it didn't work try and understand the error messages but good luck, I didn't, I just started from a fresh install of everything!

9/ To run Savvy CAN just double click the exe wherever it was you downloaded it to.

10/ Now go and watch Colin's intro to connecting to SavvyCAN here:

All of this is based on Windows and written from the perspective of this absolute ignoramus. If I can do it, so can you! If things aren't going well take a break, don't break it :) Some time to reflect always helps.

Thanks to everyone whose hard work and effort has gone into creating these tools. Now.. To get hacking =-)

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