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Kvaser Leaf Light cannot be correctly connected - only 0x000 read in

3 years 3 months ago #308 by myue
First of all, thank you Collin Kidder for creating SavvyCan this powerful software, I am still learning how to make most out of it.
I am working on a project to read real-time RPM/Speed/Throttle out of 2009 Honda Pilot through CANbus via Kvaser Leaf Light, eventually I need to know how RPM/Speed/Throttle are defined in CANbus traffic(DBC format) and reading these infomation at real-time to feed in another software.
The Kvaser Leaf Light works well with Kvaser CanKing software, which is also very powerful but less power for analysing. As connected in Baud rate at 500k CanKing could catch lots of trafic out, but cannot tell exactly which MIDs should be listened to decode RPM/Speed/Throttle, therefore I installed SavvyCAN to help me out.
SavvyCan seems very powerful but I stuck at first step - The Kvaser Leaf could only be recoganized as:

  • Type: SeriaBus

  • Subtype: passthrucan

  • Port:J2534(kline) for Kvaser Hardware

  • Buses:1
  • The connection could be recoganized at Speed 250K(if I checked "Listen Only" then I could alternate to Speed 500k, but no help)
    then, the only data ID could in read was 0x000 - indicated the wrong data being read in.

    Any suggestion for SavvyCAn to set up a good connection with Kvaser Leaf?
    For any tips for decoding the RPM/Speed/Throttle out of the CANbus traffic(recorded a lot with CanKing already), you are mostly welcomed to exchange experience.

    The only DBC file for this car was from:https://github.com/commaai/opendbc/blob/master/honda_pilot_touring_2017_can_generated.dbc
    Thanks for whoever uploaded it there.

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    3 years 3 months ago #309 by collink
    I must admit, passthrucan has not been tested very much at all. QT supports such interfaces so I added support for anything that QT "in theory" supports but I don't have all the adapters possible so I can't test them all. I do have a passthrucan adapter and I did get it to work but only by hacking the source code to force it to default to 500k. For some reason passthrucan doesn't seem to like switching speeds on the fly. It will break if you try. I know about that issue and will fix it when I can but haven't gotten there yet.

    One thing that is positive, though, is that I started with CANKing too and SavvyCAN ought to be able to load CANKing captures. I'm almost positive I added support for that long ago. Unfortunately, I very rarely boot Windows these days and don't think I even have CANKing installed anymore. But, if you have captures you should try loading them in SavvyCAN.

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    3 years 3 months ago #310 by myue
    Thank you collink.
    I tried to load CANKing's captures and figured it DOES load it in as "Kvaser Log Hex" type!
    As I am new to this software, I am still learning how to find out the RPM/Speed/Throttle out of the capture.
    I've uploaded this CANKing's capture to cloud at drive.google.com/file/d/1jYJxLhHyuN33rqB...Y89/view?usp=sharing
    Also shared a Honda Pilot dbc file which I downloaded from opendbc github project(My Honda Pilot is 2009 version though)
    If anyone is interested and willing to help, you are welcome to download these files, load it, and share me what you find out(I am desperately trying to locate where RPM, Speed and Throttle are defined).
    A little background regarding the CANKing's capture:
    The car was parked in my driveway at the beginning, then I started CANKing capturing. First I backed out of my driveway, then went forward, slowed down at a stop sign, then accelated/slowed couple of time in my community(no more than 60 I believe), after about 5 minutes I stopped the car in a parking lot, then stopped capturing.

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